SQL Server Hosting on Dedicated Windows Servers

A SQL Server dedicated server exclusively hosts a Microsoft SQL Server database. In this setup, all resources—processing power, memory, and storage—are solely allocated to your SQL Server database. This ensures superior performance, reliability, and security. At SQL Server Mart, you can acquire a pre-installed SQL Server on a dedicated server, streamlining your database hosting experience.

Windows Dedicated Server Hosting with SQL Server Pre-installed

Rent dedicated SQL Server hosting services for tasks or works that need higher traffic and performance.
HDD Server
SSD Server
NVMe Server
Raid Server

Express Dedicated Server - SATA

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  • 16GB RAM
  • 4-Core E3-1230 @3.20 GHzreport
  • 240GB SSD + 5TB SATA
  • 100Mbps-1Gbps Bandwidthreport
  • OS : Windows / Linux
  • 1 Dedicated IPv4 IP
  • No Setup Fee

Basic Dedicated Server - SATA

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  • 32GB RAM
  • 8-Core E5-2670 @2.60 GHzreport
  • 4x3TB SATA RAID 10
  • 100Mbps-1Gbps Bandwidthreport
  • OS : Windows / Linux
  • 1 Dedicated IPv4 IP
  • No Setup Fee

Professional Dedicated Server - SATA

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  • 64GB RAM
  • 8-Core E5-2667v4 @3.20 GHzreport
  • 120GB SSD + 4 x 8TB SATA
  • 100Mbps-1Gbps Bandwidthreport
  • OS : Windows / Linux
  • 1 Dedicated IPv4 IP
  • No Setup Fee

Advanced Dedicated Server - SATA

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  • 128GB RAM
  • 16-Core Dual E5-2667v3 @3.20 GHzreport
  • 120GB SSD + 12 x 8TB SATA
  • 100Mbps-1Gbps Bandwidthreport
  • OS : Windows / Linux
  • 1 Dedicated IPv4 IP
  • No Setup Fee

Interested in Custom Configurations?

If our standard plans don't meet your needs, please let us know your server usage, budget, or hardware requirements. We'll provide a customized server solution for you.
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Choose the Right SQL Server Edition for Your Projects

thermostat_carbonSQL Server Express Edition
SQL Server Express edition is a free, feature-rich editions of SQL Server that is ideal for learning, developing, powering desktop, web & small server applications. SQL Server Express Edition 2012/2014/2016/2017/2019 are supported.
Small-Scale Applications
If you have a small-scale application with limited database requirements, such as a personal project, a small business, or a development/testing environment, SQL Server Express Edition can be a suitable choice due to its free and lightweight nature.
Low Budget
If you have budget constraints and cannot afford the licensing costs associated with higher editions of SQL Server, Express Edition provides a cost-effective solution.
Learning and Education
If you are learning SQL Server or working in an educational setting, Express Edition can be an ideal choice for practicing and gaining hands-on experience.
thermostat_carbonSQL Server Web Edition
SQL Server Web Edition is a specialized version optimized for hosting websites and web applications, providing a cost-effective and scalable database solution. Microsoft SQL Server 2019/2017/2016/2014/2012 Web Edition: $29.00/month/ 4 Cores.
Hosting Websites
It's commonly utilized for hosting websites and web applications, providing a reliable and scalable database solution for managing website data, user accounts, and dynamic content.
E-commerce Platforms
SQL Server Web Edition is suitable for powering e-commerce platforms, allowing businesses to manage product catalogs, transactions, customer orders, and inventory data securely.
Web Hosting Services
Web hosting providers often use SQL Server Web Edition to offer database hosting services to their customers, providing them with a robust and cost-effective solution for managing databases associated with their websites and applications.
When placing your order, you can select the SQL Server edition you prefer, and we'll install it for you before delivering the server. The SQL Server Web Edition comes with a license included. For more detailed information or a quote, please contact us.

Features of Dedicated hosting

SSD-based dedicated Server hosting with seamless technical support to accelerate your business.
Support and Software Features for Dedicated Server Hosting
SQL Server Pre-installeddone
SQL Server Database Instance Setupdone
Firewall and Port Configurationdone
Troubleshooting and Issue Resolutiondone
Operating SystemOptionalFree CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Almalinux, VMWare.
Microsoft Windows Server 2016/2019/2022 Standard Edition x64:$20/m
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Evaluation: 90-day free trial. Please purchase a Win10 Pro license by yourself after the trial period.
Remote Access (RDP/SSH)doneRDP for Windows server and SSH for Linux Server
Administrator PermissiondoneYou have full control of your dedicated server.
Operating System Re-InstallationFreeMaximum twice a month and $25.00 each time for additional reloads.
Server RebootFree
Hardware ReplacementFree
Monitor and Manage Servers ConnectionsFree
Install the Necessary Software and Configure SettingsFree
Troubleshooting with Slow Performance, or Other Technical IssueFree
Control PanelFreeFree install SolidCP for Windows or ISPConfig for Linux
Optional Add-ons for Dedicated Server Hosting
Additional Memory16GB: $10.00/month
32GB: $18.00/month
64GB: $32.00/month
128GB: $56.00/month
256GB: $96.00/month
Additional SATA Drives2TB SATA: $19.00/month
4TB SATA: $29.00/month
8TB SATA: $39.00/month
16TB SATA (3.5’ Only): $49.00/month
Additional SSD Drives240GB SSD: $9.00/month
960GB SSD: $19.00/month
2TB SSD: $29.00/month
4TB SSD: $39.00/month
Additional NVMe Drives960GB NVMe: $19.00/month
2TB NVMe: $29.00/month
4TB NVMe: $39.00/month
Additional Dedicated IP$2.00/month/IPv4 or IPv6IP purpose required. Maximum 16 per package.
Shared Hardware Firewall$29.00/monthShared firewall is used by 2-7 users who share a single Cisco ASA 5520 firewall, including shared bandwidth. It does not have superuser privileges.
Dedicated Hardware Firewall$99.00/monthDedicated firewall allocates one user to a Cisco ASA 5520/5525 firewall, providing superuser access for independent and personalized configurations, such as firewall rules and VPN settings.
Bandwidth UpgradeUpgrade to 200Mbps(Shared): $10.00/month
Upgrade to 1Gbps(Shared): $20.00/month
The bandwidth of your server represents the maximum available bandwidth. Real-time bandwidth usage depends on the current situation in the rack where your server is located and the shared bandwidth with other servers. The speed you experience may also be influenced by your local network and geographical distance from the server.
Private Network$10.00/month
Remote Data Center Backup(Windows Only)40GB Disk Space: $30.00/month
80GB Disk Space: $60.00/month
120GB Disk Space: $90.00/month
160GB Disk Space: $120.00/month
We will use Backup For Workgroups to backup your server data (C: partition only) to our remote data center servers twice per week. You can restore the backup files in your server at any time by yourself.
DatabaseMicrosoft SQL Server 2019/2017/2016/2014/2012 Express Edition: Free
Microsoft SQL Server 2019/2017/2016/2014/2012 Web Edition: $29.00/month/ 4 Cores
SQL Server 2019/2017/2016/2014/2012 Web Edition may be used only to support public and Internet accessible (Web pages, Web sites, Web applications and Web services). It may not be used to support line of business applications (e.g., Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Management and other similar applications).
For more information about dedicated servers, please visit the specialized dedicated server website - BareServer .

FAQs for Dedicated SQL Server Hosting

01. Can I reboot the dedicated server remotely by myself?

Yes. We provide a control panel that allows you to reboot your dedicated server remotely by yourself.

02. Can you provide the customized dedicated server based on our requirements?

Generally, our existing standard dedicated servers can meet most requirements. we do not provide customized dedicated servers. If you really require, please send email to [email protected].

03. Can I install any software on your dedicated server?

Yes. You can install any legal software on your dedicated server by yourself or by us. You will have total control of your dedicated server.

04. Can I use my own Windows server license on your dedicated server?

Yes, but you need to upload your installation .iso file to our server by FTP, and then we will reload it to your VPS server.

05. Do you allow Remote Desktop Access (RDP) to your Windows dedicated server?

Yes. You can access your Windows dedicated server via remote desktop with administrator permission.

06. How many users can RDP into the Dedicated Windows server at the same time?

Windows server OS includes two concurrent RDP sessions by default. That means only two users can remote access the Windows server at the same time. If you want more than two users to access, please purchase the Remote Desktop Service (RDS) licenses from Microsoft directly.

07. Do you provide Graphic User Interface (GUI) for your Linux dedicated server?

Our Linux dedicated server does not come with GUI by default, but we can install it for you and enable the VNC access if you submit a support request. You can also install GUI by yourself through SSH.

08. How can I access your Linux dedicated server?

SSH is enabled for all the Linux dedicated servers. You will get the server IP, username and password once your VPS is ready. You can log into the the dedicated server with the root permission via SSH.

09. Can I upgrade/downgrade my dedicated server?

It is easy to upgrade/downgrade memory, but all of our motherboards have maximum memory limits. Please always contact our sales department first to verify if your dedicated server can be upgraded/downgraded or not.
It is not easy to upgrade/downgrade the CPU or hard drives. It is better to put a new dedicated server online and migrate the data manually. Our experienced support staff is available to help your migration for free.

10. Can I buy additional IPs for the dedicated server?

A dedicated server comes with two dedicated IPs for free (primary IP and IPMI IP). You can order up to 16 dedicated IPs per ARIN justification. We need the IP usage for every IP that you order from us. If you need more extra IPs for special reasons, please confirm with us by submitting a ticket to our sales group. The additional dedicated IP is $2.00/month/IP.

11. What security measures do you take to protect my dedicated server?

Security is our top priority. All physical servers are behind our hardware firewall. We blocked ports like 135-139 and others in our network for security reason. We also monitor our network very closely and will stop attacks that come.

12. What is the meaning of “100Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth”?

We do not measure or monitor the bandwidth usage for the individual dedicated server, so you don't need to worry about overage charges. The maximum speed you can get is 100Mbps. “Unmetered” does not mean “Unlimited.” We do monitor our network very closely. If you use too much bandwidth and affect other client's usage, we will have to ask you to reduce the bandwidth usage.

13. What's the enterprise-level SQL Server hosting solution?

Dedicated SQL Server plans are best for enterprises with high service availability and data safety requirements. We have various solutions for these kinds of scenarios. For more details, you can refer to this page.