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Thanks for the prompt response. Mario quickly got me out of a problem that I created for myself. Well done, Database Mart !!!Tom


Best support you can ever get. People are polite, helpful and understanding. Leo is the best.


Hike is one of the best person . He made me to re-fall in love with dbmart and he is very supportive and respectful


A respectable company..and I am the type of customer who cares about the style of I liked their style of dealing and their expression of assistance at any time. As for the time it takes for the ticket, this gives me confidence that the company is under pressure, and this means that sufficient experience is available and that there is quality in services Therefore, it is becoming increasingly popular


Despite my bad English, she is very, very caring and patient. I received a very successful charity support.


Me ayudó bastante, pues como no manejo casi nada de programación, me ayudó a comprender cuales son los pasos que debo realizar para poder hacer la activación de la página y del dominio


Wade Z was awesome. Vastly knowledgeable, efficient and courteous. He got the job done and assisted me from start to finish and in between. I'll only be requesting Wade Z. will only he requesting Wade Z whenever I need a hand. Thank you for your assistance and recommendations.


Smarter and reliable service with high technical support, I like DBM services quietly.


The agent was nice. But your policy of sales or technical support only by email or chat is not acceptable for our requirements.


Thanks Wade. I have your team investigate possible email communications errors with Office 365 invoice emails not being blocked or not delivered to the Microsoft cloud service (outlook)


Hello, could you please give some examples of IP addresses from which linux VPS / Cloud servers are issued, I want to check for pings from Ukraine and choose the one with the lowest latency.


Cathy for very supportive during the chat but somehow I couldn't get the deal I was looking for.


Cody H solve my problem and give the requirement time to solved, I'm very satisfied great customer support! Thank you Cody H


hello another question can you restart this onehttp://


answered questions right away and without complication. Great service.


Did a Great Job, Solving my problem. I wish the email support was a good.

12/06/2022158***@***[email protected]

One of my questions was quickly resolved, but another was not answered. Although I don't need to pay attention to the former problem and the latter one, I feel that the whole problem is not very friendly: is the customer's problem a selective response?


I appreciate the timely response. It enable us meet our deadline. Thank you


Cathy definitely seemed to understand the nature of the question and anticipated my follow-up question before I had it posted. Thanks!


thank you so much sir i am very happy you solved a problem for me


Angelica is very helpful. Thanks to her and to all who helped. Thanks also to Ryan H.


He is a gem. He knew what issue solution I was asking for support. Awesome guy.


Thank you so much Mario for all your help.It was a pleasure chatting with you & you were really supportive.Have a nice day.Thanks & RegardsVinay Peroor.


Thank you so much for helping me out and setting this as an emergency, as my business relies on this server I need to have it accessible by RDP right now. The IPMI can be solved later. Thanks again!


Verry nice Wade help my with all the info what i needed to know!


Quick and very good support. Problem solved. Thanks Support Team


Leo, provided me very fast response and very knowledgeable on the products


Anglecia is so much helpful and can resolve my problem. Thank you so much.


I finished the chat before an agent answer..Decide to send an email.


I had a IP adress issue that i didnt think would be solved but I was surprised. Thanks to Carl and Sunny H

10/05/2022cno***@*** remains the best company I have ever worked with online so far.Starting from their products to the swiftness at which the support/billing agents attend to matters, everything is just extremely satisfying and incomparable.I strongly recommend to everyone in need of VPS and other related products they have to offer.Also, I mustn't forget to talk about their affiliate program. It's the best affiliate program I've participated so far and I have no regrets working with them. They payment is without delays and with high level of faithfulness and trust.I am most grateful for all their assistance and for the opportunity of working with this amazing company.


Support is really supportive. With hurricane in FL (155mph) we are have everything down but databasemart isnt. Thank you so much Cathy for 48h grace period.


He clarified all my doubts in a very professional and patient manner.Very good service!


You guys saved my business, thank you for getting the server back up and running. had problems getting things going through chat and the ticket system, but you guys came through.Thank you very very very much for all your help.


Thank you very much for everything. I am a very happy customers of yours. Please keep up the good work.


Being a current customer for 12 years now, cannot be happier with the service. Thanks guys.


Henry D did an amazing job knowing what I needed and providing a solution to my problem. Thanks!

09/08/2022653***@***[email protected]

HelloThe machine has not been restarted.How long will it take to restartthank you


Support is always top of the line! One of my many reasons I'm a happy customer!


The support is awesome))) In 15 minutes the server was rebooted )


cathy it a great support that I experience in all platform give them treat or rewards for good services can she made


Angelica, is very good person and resourceful with patience and guided me all step of the way


Ok thanks for all your collaboration, we appreciate your prompt response


you have destroyed our business by not responding and putting us into the dark.


Thanks Ryan for providing answers and helping me understand about the plans


The first agent was dismissive, like "It works. Prove to me that it doesn't". The second, Jay, actually did some work to fix it. Thanks to Jay!


The agent was very nice with me and temporarily solved my problem!!


I really appreciate the prompt and manners of response in which the team handles customers.


Thank you very much for such prompt, professional and knowledgeable support. I really appreciate everything you. Please keep up the good work.


I really appreciate the continued professionalism the DataBaseMart saff is giving. Much is greatly appreciated. This is the best service by any standards.


sorry I had an issue and did not responded on time, I will share an screenshot when it happens again. ;-) Thanks


appreciate your support. My issue was resolved on an urgent basis. GOOD support.


You Agents are Awesome! Always ready to help with a touch of professionalism. You customer service is superb.


Very fast response to my request for help, and attention to my request.Completely satisfied.


The support team was quick and responded promptly to all the questions.


Really Fast response and Installation of my VPS. Really happy about it.


Hi, Sorry couldn't respond in the chat. yes it's working. Thank you so much.


Wade did an excellent job assisting with all the issues I had that he was able to and submitted a ticket FOR me for the things he couldn't. I really appreciated all his hard work and sticking with me. Wade Z. is a Rockstar!


Always quick and responsive. Appreciate the level of customer support you provide


Hi , We are looking VPS server for our project , Do you allow Port 25 in your VPS servers ? If Yes let us know .


El servicio del chat resulto ser muy atento y ofreció las herramientas que solicite para hacer las pruebas necesaria.


I need a server what is the cost of a server if it is divided by 3gp ram how many users can i transfer


Very responsive to our questions regarding maintenance and possible down time.


Iris helped me with queries promptly and also ensured we got much needed discounts


Thanks a lot for your assistance. Your support team with its experienced and knowledgeable technicians were very helpful and co-operative. Through persist efforts my issue was so well resolved.


Gary has solved my issues every time on any of my 13 servers. Very Happy indeed


Very prompt response and timely resolution. That is why we are a Databasemart customer !!!


Great support, he knows what to do on my issue, he support me in little time


The agent reponsed very fast and give me a good answer, now I buyed the service.


We much appreciated your diligent support and follow up, many thanks


Ryan is assuring me and help me through. He successfully installed my SSL. A good support is what I want and hoping to successfully install my script with the help of Mr. Ryan.


Good products, good service, good price, good customer service :) On the internet there are some bad reviews regarding customer support, I don't know why. From my point of view, things are great. Feel free to contact me for a more official review anywhere.


Thank you so much for setting up a new server on the usa west coast (I believe the ping will be better there when connecting from thailand)


Agent was great. The sign on process is a bit convoluted though getting the free 3-day trial ( not very much time, as well, especially given the server won't be set up until the weekend, when I may not be able to work with the video editor)


I was actually satisfied and your guys are truly doing your best for us.Thanks


You have been a great support. Quickly replied. highly recommended


There were two agents but both were amazing I'm really happy for their help and service provided!


My server got SUSPENDED and Penny G. explained to me very well and did all she could do and greatest service roll on with this team


Responses were prompt and ticket was resolved quickly - definitely enjoy using the platform.


Great support regarding my issue with spams via my registration page


Leo is extremely helpful, explained everything detailed by detailed. You need to give him a raise like $5000. Very happy with his service. Salamat ulit pre!


Sherry X very friendly I really love their service thanks sherry my english not too good because I am from Bangladesh but I do my best review thanks databasemart


The best helped me figure out the mess I have made. I was able to pay for my account and get access happy again. Thank you.


Excelente atención, pudo comprender rapidamente mi solicitur y procesarlo por mi


Sherry and Henry are awesome. People like them make me stick as a loyal customer at DBM for 12+ years now.Thanks guys.Pablo.


Quality support as always, congratulations for all the professionals


very helpfull & endeavored to remedy the difficult problem - thank you again !!!


Great work! Looking forward to a better server and new start with you folks.


Cathy was fantastic, great communication and fixed my website panel issue.


Cody was a great help. He has really great skills. Cliff Salaun


I got the answer to my question and issue just in time. Thank you.


Cathy support is awesome, I am Extremely Satisfied. Keep it up Cathy! See you soon.RegardsJAI


Issue was resolved and my suggestions for future problems was taken.


I would like to acknowledge your customer service professionals. They have always been courteous and profession. Thank you SO much.


My first contact wasn't great. She was like "Hey, our PTR record is set up right. Look here." and gave me a link. But the problem existed still. Whoever took over for her actually solved the problem and I'm super grateful! Excellent work!


Database Mart tech support is consistently excellent, patiently helping me through tech issues I'm not familiar with.I switched to Database Mart SSL Certificates to take advantage of this help.


Your live support and support overall is great. I hope your support stays knowledgeable and strong. Thank you


Happy with excellent service rendered and received from query was resolved in no time.


I really appreciate the continued professionalism,promptness and product knownledge the DataBaseMart saff is giving. Much is greatly appreciated. This is the best service by any standards. I have never had any bad experience with Databasemart support. Please keep up the good work.


Even-though i did not know what happen, after checking ping timeout goes away

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