SQL Server Database Mirroring

Increasing the service availability and data safety. Automatic failover with zero downtime.

SQL Server Mirroring Description

Database mirroring is a Microsoft recommended solution for increasing the availability and data protection of a SQL Server (MSSQL) database. It transfers transaction log records directly from the principal server to the mirror and can automatically fail over to the latter in high safety mode without data loss. You can also code client applications to redirect their connection information. Moreover, different from the traditional failover involved high hardware cost and great software complexity, database mirroring does not require proprietary hardware, and is easier to set up and manage.
Data Security

SQL Server Mirroring Solution

check_circleConfigure database server 1 and 2 to use SQL Server mirroring

fiber_manual_recordSQL Server 1 as principal server

fiber_manual_recordSQL Server 2 as mirroring server

fiber_manual_recordUse our shared SQL Server 3 as witness server for free

fiber_manual_recordAutomatic failover

check_circleOnly need one SQL Server 2017 Standard Edition license

SQL Server Mirroring Price

ItemDescription One Time FeeMonthly FeeNotes
ASA5520Includes 10-user license, 8-port Fast Ethernet switch, stateful firewall, 10 IPsec VPN peers, 2 SSL VPN peers, 3DES/AES license, and 1 expansion slot$0.00$99.00
SQL Server 1 & 21u Supermicro Super Server
Quad-Core Xeon E5-1620v2 CPU
Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition x64
$0.00 $398.00 $199.00/each
SQL Server LicenseSQL Server 2017 Standard Edition$0.00$299.00
Total $0.00 $796.00